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Dr. Ball’s unwavering commitment to success propels her forward by faith to help others in need.

Hi, my name is Dr. Monica L. Ball. I’ve been called many things: enthusiastic, innovative, passionate, trustworthy, authentic, and a friend. However, my favorite is “inspirational.” My vision is to inspire others through motivational speaking, advocacy, and my upcoming podcast, “Conversations with Dr. Monica.” Previously my show, “Real Talk with Monica,” was aired on several media outlets within the Mid-Atlantic Region. Click on the “Real Talk Media” tab for previous episodes.

Dr. Monica L. Ball  - Real Talk with Monica


Dr. Monica L. Ball, an accomplished entrepreneur and community leader from Henrico County, Virginia, has a passion for learning and growth. With an MBA and BA in Business Management from Strayer University, an Honorary Doctorate in Counseling & Communications from Joy of Living Ministry International and is a Certified Personal Growth & Life Coach from Joy of Living Bible Institute, Monica is continuing to move forward. Her academic journey complements her professional achievements, including her status as a licensed realtor in the state of Virginia and her 14-year tenure with the U.S. Postal Service.

Life's challenges, including a near-fatal battle with Steven Johnson Syndrome in 2010, have not deterred Dr. Ball. Instead, they've fueled her mission to make a difference. Since 2014, as "Miss Real Talk," she has produced impactful media projects that improve community relations. In 2017, she founded "Rising Towards Success, Inc.," a non-profit addressing mental health, wellness, and youth development. Her organization has assisted over 10,000 Central Virginia families, providing essentials from food to health screenings.

Dr. Ball's influence extends beyond her non-profit work. As a respected community partner, she empowers women in business. Her efforts have earned her numerous awards and recognition from distinguished organizations and civic leaders, including US Representative Congresswoman Jennifer McClellan, of Virginia’s 4th Congressional District, Virginia State Senator Lashrecse Aird, of Virginia 13th District, Henrico County Fire Division, Richmond City Council members, and corporations like Dominion Energy and Capital One. Through every endeavor, Dr. Ball's unwavering commitment and faith drive her to uplift those in need.

Dr. Monica L. Ball  - Real Talk with Monica
Dr. Monica L. Ball  - Real Talk with Monica


Dr. Monica L. Ball's voice resonates across the region, but she recognizes that not everyone has been granted such a powerful platform. That's why she has dedicated her life to amplifying the unheard voices in her community through her nonprofit, Rising Towards Success, Inc.

Dr. Ball equips her community's children through her annual “Back To School Rally,” with the tools they need to thrive, providing essential back-to-school supplies. But she doesn't stop there. She fosters growth and unity through family workshops, building stronger, more resilient households. Most critically, she forges vital connections between local businesses and community members in need, creating a network of support that uplifts everyone.

Each year, Dr. Ball pours her heart into hosting "RVA Community Fun Day"—an annual event that's more than just fun; it's a powerful statement. It declares that every member of her community matters, that they deserve joy, support, and the opportunity to rise. Through these initiatives, Dr. Ball isn't just speaking up; she's taking action, ensuring that every voice in her community is heard, valued, and empowered.


Dr. Monica L. Ball's heart is intrinsically linked with her community's wellbeing. A seasoned community event organizer, she brings over two decades of diverse experience spanning government, corporate, and leadership sectors. Her expertise in brand management and social media marketing uniquely positions her to connect with stakeholders from all demographics.

Throughout her career, Dr. Ball has leveraged her multifaceted skill set to foster community engagement. Her proficiency extends beyond traditional roles, encompassing event planning, professional hosting, workshop facilitation, seminar leadership, and media management. This comprehensive toolkit ensures that every project is executed with precision and impact.

For Dr. Ball, each engagement is an opportunity to apply her extensive knowledge base, guaranteeing that community initiatives are not just completed, but optimized for maximum effect. Her commitment to excellence, coupled with her genuine passion for community development, makes her an invaluable asset for any organization seeking to enhance its public relations and social impact.

Dr. Monica L. Ball  - Real Talk with Monica


Dr. Monica L. Ball's impact on her community is a testament to the power of collaboration and support. She extends her heartfelt gratitude to the numerous partners who have championed her work and vision, enabling her initiatives to thrive. Her appreciation also goes out to her robust digital community—over 60,000 active monthly followers across social media platforms—whose consistent engagement amplifies her message.

Central to Dr. Ball's success is her family's unwavering support. She particularly acknowledges her maternal grandmother, Corrine Taylor, for bestowing upon her the name "Monica." More than a name, it came with powerful life lessons: to live one's dreams unapologetically, to refuse accepting "no" for an answer, and most importantly, to create one's own opportunities when none seem to exist. These principles have been the bedrock of Dr. Ball's professional journey.

Looking ahead, Dr. Ball remains committed to her multifaceted mission: educating her community on critical issues, strengthening family dynamics, promoting personal health awareness, and fostering small business growth. Her objectives reflect a holistic approach to community development, addressing social, familial, health, and economic dimensions.

Dr. Ball views her achievements not as endpoints but as springboards for greater impact. She warmly invites organizations and individuals who resonate with her vision to join forces. "Together, we can architect transformative change in our community," she states, extending an open invitation to potential partners. Her proposition is clear: collaborative efforts can exponentially amplify the positive ripple effects throughout their shared community.

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