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Dr. Monica L. Ball  - Real Talk with Monica


Dr. Monica L. Ball  - Real Talk with Monica

Dr. Monica L. Ball's media journey began as a featured guest host on "Mike's Variety Hour" with Michael A. Hall, airing on Comcast's Public Access Television in Richmond, Virginia. Her weekly appearances struck a chord with viewers, leading to a surge in requests for more of her distinctive voice. This groundswell of support propelled her to become "Miss Real Talk," a title she earned through her refreshingly honest, candid commentary on local and national issues.

In 2015, Monica launched "Real Talk With Monica," a brand she wisely registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. She further protected her intellectual property by trademarking the RTWM logo and name, as well as "RVA Community Fun Day." Notably, "RVA Community Fun Day" made history as the first event in Virginia to have its "RVA" prefix trademarked.

Dr. Ball's vision extended beyond media in 2016 when she decided to host her own events, dissatisfied with existing organizational standards. Her inaugural event, "RVA Community Fun Day" in 2018, established her reputation as an exceptional event host. She demonstrated a unique ability to unite diverse stakeholders—community leaders, civic officials, non-profits, first responders, and corporate sponsors—fostering a sense of community oneness.

In late 2015, Dr. Ball's YouTube channel, "Real Talk With Monica," quickly gained traction, amassing over 1,000 subscribers. Her talent caught the attention of Mr. Preston "Famous" Brown, who in 2016 invited her to host special segments on his CW Network show, "The Famous Brown Show." In 2017, Brown further supported her by helping launch "The Real Talk With Monica Radio Show" on WCLM 1450AM. Later that year, she transitioned to WREJ 101.3FM, 990AM Rejoice Radio in Richmond, VA. There, she pivoted to hosting "The Morning Rush With Monica," a weekday drive-time show from 7-9 AM, while continuing special segments of "The Real Talk With Monica Radio Show."

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